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tilt, finteh, payments, API, platform
tilt, finteh, payments, API

About the Tilt Pay API

Send transfers and collect payments through the Tilt network by using the Tilt Pay API. The Tilt Pay API follows the RESTful style with resource-oriented URLs, standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs, following the standards and conventions outlined in PayPal’s API Design Guidelines as much as possible.. 


About the Tilt Platform

Our platform provides access to a host of world-class disbursement & collections products. The platform is available as a stand-alone solution or to white label. The products within the platform are also available as custom integrations. 

Our Products

Tilt has two main offerings. Our platform and API. Read below for more detail on how our solutions can support you.

The Tilt Payment Platform has made making payments very easy for us. Particular features we value are the real-time digital proof of payments and ease of tracking. It is also so quick and easy to learn to use so I would recommend others to reap the benefits too.

Mzingo Ngoma - Sport In Action

Customer Testimonials

Tilt Payment Platform is a safer way of helping us reach places we don't operate from. It protects our beneficiaries by reducing the handling of cash and it has equally reduced our business costs. There a great features that allow for approval notifications, easy online batch editing, and asking for OTPs from each receiver to ensure safe transactions.

Nick Mwela - Restless Development


Easy, quick, and safe experience for you and your customers 

Our disbursements & collections serve clients from multiple sectors, however large or small they may be. Here are some of the segments Tilt can help you transact with: 

About Us

A payment platform giving you choice and control.

Start sending or receiving 
payments instantly.

Sign up to the Tilt Platform or Tilt Pay API and pay or get paid today.

Access to multiple payment 
providers under one platform.

Tilt enables you to send disbursements & transfers or receive payments using mobile wallets, banks or cash agents, all via one provider.

Empower your 
recipients with choice 

Our interoperable technology allows your recipients to receive funds or make payments using the option that suits them - mobile money, bank account or cash.

Maintain visibility and 
tracking of every payment

Receive real-time proof of payments with detailed analytics dashboards & reporting at the click of a button.

tilt, finteh, payments, API, platform
Employees or casual workers

Employees or casual workers

Whether you’re a manufacturer, construction firm or a hardware store, we can help you pay employees or casual labourers in cash or into a mobile wallet and bank account. 


You may be an insurance firm disbursing claims & collecting premiums, or a retailer wishing to accept mobile money at outlets, our invoice & merchant code solutions can serve your needs all under one platform.  


Volunteers and beneficiaries

Volunteers and beneficiaries

Do you need to disburse allowances, cash transfers or expenses to people in hard to reach areas and limited access to payment points? Tilt can help you reach those most isolated.  

Pay when you transact.

Tilt only charges a fee when you transact, with zero integration or maintenance fee. 


Payments and transfers to all providers through any channel

Tilt enables your business to make transfers and receive payments securely through our networks of partner cash agents, digital wallets, and bank accounts.


Payments and transfers to all providers through any channel

Tilt enables your business to make transfers and receive payments securely through our networks of partner cash agents, digital wallets, and bank accounts.


Our Partners

Mukupa Chanda

Product Support Lead

Nadine Shenker

Data Analytics

JD Steffen

Product Owner


Customer Service Manager

Binoy George

Tech Ops Lead

Bridgid Thomson

Tilt COO

Our Story

Tilt is a technology provider with a mission to enable payments and transfers to all providers through any channel.  We have deep roots in building payments technology for African markets, enabling businesses to grow.  Tilt was founded in Zambia with the founding team being part of the Zoona journey, an interoperable agent business started in 2009 which was a pioneer in the mobile payments industry in Africa.  Over Zoona’s 12 year journey the company has been through 3 funding rounds, raised over $30 million in investments and has transacted over $3 billion dollars in value, servicing 3.5 million customers.

Tilt enables businesses to make disbursements & collections securely through our network of integrated services providing cash and digital transactions using mobile money, bank accounts and cash agents.  We empower businesses too transact with their customers with ease, choice and control.

Our Team

Our team inspired and motivated by the potential of businesses across the African continent.

tilt, payments, API, fintech
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