Pay or get paid through

an interoperable network

Tilt enables your business to make disbursements & collections securely through our network of 10,000+ agents, digital wallets and partner banks.

Bulk Payments Zambia

A payment platform giving you

choice and control

Tilt-Pay or collect from any network.png

Pay or collect from any network

Gain access to multiple payment providers through just one account

with us, and one recon.

Tilt - Stay in control with full visibility of payments.png

Stay in control with full visibility of payments

Track every single payment until it is redeemed, and cancel a payment or

resend it at the click of a button.

Tilt - Empower your recipients to choose ca.pngh or wallet

Empower your recipients to choose cash or wallet 

Simply send an SMS and let your recipients choose whether to withdraw as cash or to upload into their chosen mobile wallet.

Bulk Payments Zambia

Access over 10,000+

agent partners

Instantly gain access to Zoona, Kazang and Afrivance agents nationwide.   

Mobile Wallet

Self-service with Z CODE

We’ve recently launched partnerships with MTN MoMo, Zamtel Kwacha and Tenga / Atlas Mara giving your end users even more choice.


This means they now have the choice to pay with cash, or to keep their transaction digital.

They can choose from:

Paying or receiving funds with mobile money wallets or bank accounts. By dialing our shortcode, your end-user can choose which mobile money wallet or bank account they’d like to receive money into, or pay money from.

Paying or receiving cash at Zoona or Kazang agents


Our collections & disbursements serve clients from multiple sectors, however large or small they may be.

Tilt Payments Platform 1

Employees or casual workers

Whether you’re a mine, construction firm or a hardware store, we can help you pay permanent employees or casual workers alike in cash or to mobile wallet. 


You may be an insurance firm collecting payments, a microfinance firm disbursing loans or a manufacturer wanting to limit your cash handling from suppliers - we can cover you. 

Tilt Payments Platform 2
Tilt Payments Platform 3

Volunteers and


Do you need to disburse allowances, expenses or advances? Do you have beneficiaries in remote geographies who are hard to reach?

Tilt can help you.

Our Partners

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say! 

Tilt Payment platform is a safer way of helping us reach places we don't operate from. It protects our beneficiaries by reducing the handling of cash and it has equally reduced our business costs. There are great features that allow for approval notifications, easy online batch editing and asking for OTPs from each receiver to ensure safe transactions


Restless Development

Nick Mwela


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